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Desert Hot Springs is the only place in the world with both hot and cold mineral spring aquifers.

Miracle Springs Resort is justly famous for its natural hot spring mineral waters with their therapeutic, healing properties. Our crystal clear waters rise at an average 140°F from underground lakes, called aquifers, located about 300 feet down. This water is then cooled to temperatures ranging from 90°F to 104°F and pumped at 200 gallons per minute into our eight pools and spas; perfect for swimming, soaking, and relaxing.

Unlike many natural hot springs, the water here has a pleasant scent and tastes great! It is the finest mineral spring water to be found anywhere, and regularly wins 1st and 2nd “Best Tasting Water in the World” at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition.

Discovered hundreds of years ago by the Cahuilla Indians, it was “rediscovered” in 1914 when pioneer Cabot Yerxa unearthed the curative mineral waters on his land – a little over a mile from where our hotel stands today. His first well produced crystal clear mineral water at 132°F and a second well produced cool fresh drinking water, so he named the area Miracle Hill.

Throughout his life, Australian geologist and chemist, Dr. Augustus Broue traveled the world analyzing hot spring mineral waters. In 1938, he visited Desert Hot Springs: “From the analysis of these waters, I have not found the like of them in any country I have explored… It would appear to have qualities far superior to any waters known to me.”


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